United States of America

A Land With Strongest Currency

The United States, across industries, is one of the most open markets on the planet. Investing in the land with the strongest currency in the world will certainly give you a competitive advantage.

Why Choose USA?

World’s Largest Market: With a GDP of $ 18 trillion, United States is certainly one of the largest consumer markets on the globe. Nearly a quarter of the global household consumption is shared by this country. USA has nearly 320 million consumers, and free trade agreement with 20 countries, which gives an addition of hundreds of millions of customers.

Nexus of Innovation: There is no second thought that USA is an undisputed leader in research and development with more international patents to its name than any other country. By making an investment in USA your business will run on state-of-the-art technology and there will be no limit on its progress.

Ease of Doing Business: The ease of doing business and the overall competitiveness has put United States as one of the most preferred countries for making business investment. The workforce here is mobile, innovative, skilled and diverse. All these factors make it easy for an investor to establish a new business or join in an existing one.

There are of course many technical and legal requirements that need to be fulfilled for which expert professional advice from CBIS will come in handy. CBIS has served successfully in the interest of its clients for decades.

Invest and get Green Card under the US EB5 Program with an investment portfolio of USD 500,000.

Other Countries

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