United Arab Emirates

About UAE & its Economy

– UAE is a highly developed country with a high level of human development and is one of the wealthiest countries in the Middle East.

– UAE’s oil reserves are the seventh-largest in the world, while its natural gas reserves are the world’s seventeenth-largest.

– In 2017, the UAE’s total population was 9.4 million, of which 1 million are Emirati citizens and 7.8 million are expatriates.

– UAE’s economy is the most diversified in the Gulf Cooperation Council, with its most populous city of Dubai emerging into a global city and international aviation, tourism and Business hub.

– UAE has the second largest economy in the GCC (after Saudi Arabia),with a gross domestic product (GDP) of $377 billion (1.38 trillion AED).

– UAE is ranked as the 31st best nation in the world for doing business based on its economy by the World Bank.

– Tourism and Business act as growth sectors for the entire UAE economy. Dubai is the top tourism destination in the Middle East. Dubai welcomed 10 million tourists

– UAE is hosting Expo 2020 with Dubai. World Expos can be a catalyst for economic, cultural and social transformation.

Advantages of Business in Dubai (UAE)
The general business advantages offered by Dubai (UAE) makes is as an excelent business destination worth considering.

These advantages include:

  • Very Low Import Duty
  • Double Taxation Agreements of UAE
  • Free Trade Agreements of UAE
  • Strong and Competitive Economy
  • Strategic Location Advantages of UAE
  • World-class Infrastructure of UAE
  • Availability of Manpower
  • Direct Investment Support and Promotion
  • by the Government
  • Quality Lifestyle and Culture of excellence
  • Strong Legal Framework
Advantages of UAE Residency
  • Economic and Social benefits that people dream of.
  • Safety, Security,Cosmopolitan lifestyle.
  • Home to more than 170 nationalities.
  • Very popular expat work destination.
  • Quick processing

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