The Largest Economy Of The World

Strategic business investment in European countries like Bulgaria, Cyprus, Hungary, Portuguese, and the UK, can bring huge benefits to you as an investor. With the formation of European Union, you will have access to over two dozen countries, by investing in any given country.

Why Choose Europe?

Stable and Conducive Environment: European Union views foreign investment as a means of promoting social and economic development and growth.

Business without Boundaries: All the trade barriers that were slowing down or blocking down free trade were abolished. Furthermore, the common currency adopted by European Union has served as a major boon in increasing trade across all the European countries and beyond it. Euro is one of the strongest currencies when it comes to global business.

Natural Abundance Compliments Friendly Legal Framework: European countries are gifted with considerable amount of natural resources and there is no shortage of coal, oil and natural gas, all of which serves as a major determining factor in making an investment and establishing business. There is a boom across industries and technologies advancements being made at regular intervals.

CBIS will steer you through the complexities of finding the most opportune industry, place and environment to establish your business. The good advice from CBIS will ease out the pressure on you that comes from moving in unknown business territory.

An investment varying from Euro 250,000 to Euro 500,000 (approx) for Permanent Residency in Greece, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Cyprus & Malta and between Euro 1 million+ to Euro 2 million+ for fast track Citizenship.

Other Countries

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