Caribbean Islands

Where Working Is As Good As Partying

One should never judge the might of an individual or country merely by its size. Caribbean Islands may look small in size but they are in no way small when it comes to the pleasure of living there and making business investment.

Why Choose Caribbean Islands?

Visa Free Travel: Caribbean Islands are members of the British Commonwealth because of which you can travel to nearly 130 countries visa free. The investment requirements are minimal to qualify and once you get Caribbean passport, you can travel to these many countries with your family without a visa.

Major Tourist Hub: Caribbean Islands is one of the most sought after destinations for tourists from around the globe, including famous celebrities from show business, creating immense business opportunities in the tourist industry. It will be highly profitable for you to enter in tourism industry.

Personal Security: Caribbean countries provide complete security to you and your family members as citizens and of the property owned by you. Considerable efforts are being made by the government in food production and green energy and holds wonderful benefits for you with dual citizenship.

CBIS is good in managing complexities when it comes to framing an ideal investment portfolio for you. We will give you advice on every dimension of your investment project. Our forward thinking investment strategies will enable you to strengthen your roots and sprout out all around.

An investment in the range of USD 100,000 (plus govt. fees) to USD 200,000 (plus govt. fees) will enable you and your family to get fast track Direct Citizenship.

Other Countries

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