Living Here Provides The Best Satisfaction

Canada is one such country which has the potential of making dreams come true for the people who want to make it big in their life. It is one of the most revered countries when it comes to standard of living, employment rate and economic growth.

Why Choose Canada?

The Most Peaceful Country: Canada has rolled out a red carpet for foreign business investors and the benefits of investing here are many. According to reports from Bloomberg and Forbes, Canada is the best country to do business in the G-20.According to KPMG, the total business tax costs are nearly 46% lower in Canada than that of the United States which is by far the lowest in G-7.

Economic Growth That’s the Envy of All: Highly educated workforce, robust financial stability, competitive R&D environment and unparalleled market access to both NAFTA and the EU, holds the promise for optimum revenue generation for foreign investors.

When all is said and done, there are lot of technicalities and complexities involved for which you need the expertise of Cosmic Business Initiation Services.

Relocate and invest in Canada under different investment programs leading to Permanent Residency –

  • Active Investment in Existing Business
  • Passive Investment under Govt. Bonds

Other Countries

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