Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is CBIS?

CBIS is the short form for Cosmic Business Initiation Services. CBIS is an eminent company that provides professional services in coordination with business associates, lawyers, consultants, corporations, firms and other entities, to the clients wanting to establish their businesses, enter joint ventures, or invest in highly secure projects in USA, UK, Canada, Europe and Caribbean Islands.

Why Choose CBIS?

CBIS in close co-ordination with its partners across the globe and a network of business associates, lawyers, consultants, corporations, firms and other entities across different countries, provides clients with well-searched market intelligence & information, support and connections that they need to become a global businessperson.

Do I Have To Demonstrate How I Obtained My Net Worth?

The government of any country is interested in knowing as to how you obtained your net worth. It needs to make sure that the origin of the fund is genuine and the net worth clears all regulatory requirements.

Why You Need To Look For Overseas Business Opportunities?

In this highly competitive and uncertain business world, the key to survive is to keep growing and finding new avenues. By doing business in strong economies such as that of USA, UK, Canada & Europe and vibrant economy of Caribbean Islands, the client will be able to strengthen their future plan and take their businesses to new heights.

Why Choose Canada?

According to Forbes, Canada is the best country in the G-20 to do business and its business tax cost is nearly half of that of the United States. Canada leads the pack among all the G-7 countries in terms of economic growth. Unparalleled market access, robust financial stability and highly educated workforce are the other plus points. The country allows the client to become a resident with their family and do business.

Why Choose Usa?

The smooth supply chain, latest technology, robust infrastructure and workforce factors all work towards the benefit of making investment and establishing a business in USA. The openness and diversity of the country provides for a thriving market for businesses from different countries. The EB 5 Program allows the clients to become Green Card holder by making an investment of USD 500,000.

Why Choose Europe?

Free trade among the EU member countries, a common currency, which is also one of the strongest in the world, abundance of natural resources and encouraging legal policies sets the most opportune platform to invest and residency in the European countries including Greece, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria and Cyprus. Also, it makes it favorable to get direct Citizenship by Investment in Malta, Cyprus and Bulgaria.

Why Choose Uk?

The country is open for business investments, attracting talented entrepreneurs worldwide who wish to start their business or invest in an existing company in UK. One just needs to fulfill the necessary requirements to qualify for an entrepreneur visa for UK by getting the green signal to establish their dream company within a matter of time.

Why Choose Caribbean Islands?

Caribbean Islands may look small in size but they are in no way small when it comes to the pleasure of living there and taking direct Citizenship by Investment.