Getting PR for Canada, UK and Australia like buying an existing profitable running business

With the ever-expanding globalization, attaining citizenship in other countries has become a trend. Though many people are already settled in new countries, the demand for the same is continually increasing. The official bodies of different countries have already set the immigration rules loose but still many find it difficult to get through the entire process and attain citizenship of the desired country.

Keeping the entire scenario in mind, many business investment options have been introduced by the government to make it easy for the aspirants to attain PR in their desired country.

Here, we are going to have a look at PR options in Canada, UK and Australia via business investment options.



Foreign entrepreneurs have a range of option to come to Canada. Several Canadian PR programs target Entrepreneurs, but the process can be lengthy for many entrepreneurs, the fastest way to enter Canada is by obtaining a temporary work permit. Once they reach Canada, they can often leverage their Canadian work experience to support the application for permanent Residency.

One such program which will let entrepreneurs move to Canada in lesser time is LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment Owner Operator). The Owner operator program which is administered by service Canada allows foreign owners of Canadian business to obtain a labor market Impact assessment in order to apply for work permit to come to Canada.

To be successful in this program, foreign owners or co-owners of Canadian business must prove their 51% ownership. The owner/co-owner of Canadian Business must prove that they are involved in day to day operations of the enterprise. Furthermore, the Owner-Operator should be able to show their Investment & Employment with the company will benefit Canadians by creating new employment opportunities or maintaining existing ones.


  • You will be able to land in Canada quickly (12 – 15 months)
  • The whole family in Canada at the same time
  • No total net worth required
  • No requirement of advanced English
  • No requirement for Canada Government deposit; and
  • Simple visa application as compared to any other business stream


The entrepreneur category is for those applicants who wish to invest in the United Kingdom by setting up or taking over, and being actively involved in the running of one or more businesses in the United Kingdom. The Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa category applies to the main applicant as well as their immediate family members, including spouse and children under the age of 18.


  • The applicant must have access to £ 200,000* liquid funds
  • The applicant must demonstrate that they are a genuine entrepreneur
  • The applicant should be able to speak English
  • The applicant must have some business experience
  • The applicant must be able to support themselves financially


  • UK RESIDENCY*: You have the liberty to live and work anywhere in UK under the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa
  • RUN YOUR OWN BUSINESS: UK, and particularly London, is considered to be one of the biggest commercial hubs of the world. Investor’s businesses will grow exponentially with the right idea and approach
  • BRING YOUR FAMILY: Under this program Investors are allowed to settle in UK along with your family, which includes spouse and any children below 18 years of age
  • EDUCATION AND HEALTHCARE: Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa gives investor’s children have access to the educational system of UK, and their family have access to NHS free healthcare system*


Increasing numbers of business migrants who wish to invest in Australia are also seeking to make Australia their home. Through permanent resident status, the business migrants and their family members are able to stay, work, live and study in Australia permanently. The business owners and investors get much more operational advantages as a permanent resident of Australia.

There are various visa pathways leading to permanent residency in Australia. Two chief pathways among them are through skilled or business migration. The Australian immigration system is points based ensuring that people who come to stay in Australia as permanent residents make a significant contribution to the country’s economy and society.

The PR visas are issued to highly skilled people or high net worth individuals who are keen to invest a substantial amount in the Australian economy.

Know about the different pathways to Australia PR through business and investment visas:

Pathway to Australia PR via Business Innovation Visa:

Business innovation & investment visa can help you can apply for permanent residency in Australia. To be eligible to apply for PR, you must hold a provisional visa (subclass 188) for at least one year meeting the financial requirements. You are expected to prove your continual business interest in Australia by making regular investments and hiring local workers.

Pathway to Australia PR via Investor Visa:

Investor visa is another pathway for obtaining Australian PR. For that, you are required to hold the provisional investor visa at least two years before applying for Australia PR. You should also show that you have sustained business interests in Australia and the nominated state for the last 4 years at the least through steady investments.

Pathway to Australia PR via Entrepreneur Visa:

Through Entrepreneur visa, you can apply for PR only if you have lived in Australia for four years and ensured a stable flow of investment with continuous business activities in this period.


Political and economic stability

Access to well-educated workforce

Experience life in a culturally diverse country

Access to modern infrastructure

Freedom of study & work

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    Hello sir,
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      Hi Adil, thank you for your shown interest with our Canada and Australia program. Please share your contact details to discuss your queries.

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    Respected. Sir/madam,
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    Interested in as farmer or investor.

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    It has been my great desire and dream to live with my family abroad and as well share my knowledge and skills with new people.I love making new friends and as well exploit my best skills and love to other people,I would request to be put into consideration of been given a chance to fly abroad.
    best regards
    Eliud Kinyanjui

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      Please note that we are not processing working visa, only by Investment Category or Donation Program.

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