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Continental Business and Investment Services Inc. (CBIS) is an eminent company that has helped numerous clients in their journey to become global businesspersons. It is based in Canada and provides professional services in co-ordination with various global corporations to all those business people who want to establish their business or enter a Joint Venture and Invest in renowned projects in various locations in USA, UK, Canada, Europe and Caribbean Islands.


Continental Business and Investment Services Inc. (CBIS) is a Canada based company with expertise in providing valuable services to its clients who are willing to set up or purchase business, invest in real estate projects or want to get in a joint venture in various industrial sectors in developed and booming economies across the globe.
CBIS Inc. acts as a facilitator for the Investors to ink tie-ups with renowned and long-running profitable business ventures in USA, UK, Canada, Europe and Caribbean Islands. After thorough analysis by the experts, CBIS Inc. invests the capital pooled in by the Investors in business houses of good standing in the most opportune country or of their choice, which would vouch for enormous returns on investment. This is a lucrative way of settling down in a developed country with a profitable business without any risk.


CBIS’s vision is to provide expert advice and problem solving services to assist you in making a wise and risk free overseas business investment. At CBIS, we want to make sure that, you, as a foreign investor have the assistance and information that you need to take your business to new heights in overseas market.


CBIS has a global stronghold when it comes to setting up new business ventures and helping organizations and individual investors in making successful investments in varied portfolios.
The organization is devoted in providing guidance and information that will enable investors and entrepreneurs to pick the most reliable and suitable investment program that fulfills their objectives and needs.
In pursuit of this goal, over the years, we have improved our mechanism constantly and increased our global reach to serve investors and high net worth businesspersons around the globe.
Time and again, we have established benchmarks in providing trustworthy and beneficial services to our clients. The investment options enlisted by CBIS will be easy-to-follow and will enable you to make the right choice.
Working with CBIS on your path to become a global businessperson will be one of the beneficial decisions that you will ever make. Our world class network will ensure seamless investment and resettlement process in some of the most sought after business destination of the world.

Our Mission

CBIS, in close co-ordination with its partners across the globe and a network of companies across different countries, provides you with the well searched market intelligence & information, support and connections that you need to become a global businessperson.

Meet Our Team

The foundation stone of any successful business venture is based on perfect mutual understanding between the people involved. Just like it is important for us to know you and how you operate your business, it is equally important for you to know who we are. Here is a brief look about the people and their capabilities that makes CBIS unique.

Mr. Curtis Panke

Senior Consultant

Mr. Panke has over 22 years’ experience working with business people and Senior Managers from around the world who are interested in investing in Canada, United States, Europe, and the Caribbean. Mr. Panke always a professional approach to all of his activities ensuring the utmost integrity and security is maintained on behalf of his clients.

  • CBIS has a global stronghold when it comes to setting up new business ventures and helping organizations and individual investors in making successful investments in varied portfolios.
  • Through its international tie-ups with various educational institutions, CBIS helped Continental Group of Institutes, a premier world class establishment for higher education, to collaborate with some of the highly acclaimed universities and institutions in Canada, UK and New Zealand.
  • CBIS has been instrumental in the realization of the picturesque 700 acres spread FHR resort which has been a unique concept in the whole of North India.
  • CBIS served as a catalyst in the successful establishment of West End Diagnostic Imaging (WEDI), located in Toronto, Canada, which is an independent health facility that provides outstanding private outpatient services including Mammography and BMD.
  • CBIS, through is tie-ups with various agencies and network of companies across the globe, has helped foreign investors to successfully invest money in various projects that are run in the United States, Caribbean Islands and European countries.